Toto Rickshaw Auto Three Wheeler for Bangladesh

electric easybike -auto bike  electric easy bike
Motor type:
Brushless Direct Current Motor
Power (watt) :
60V/1000W Datai
30 tube Datai
Charge Voltage:
Charging time
Transmission mode:
Top Speed (km/h) :
Continued trip mileage:
climbing ability
Front wheel size:
Rear Wheel Size:
Brake type:
double rear drum brake
Ground Clearence :
N.W :
Max load capacity:
No of passanger (including driver):
6 persons
Battery type:
12v 120ah lead-acid batteries
Battery Quantity:
Container QTY

Auto Three Wheeler Bangladesh Details Images

bangladesh easy bike
bangladesh easy bike
bangladesh easy bike
bangladesh easy bike
bangladesh easy bike
bangladesh easy bike


Auto rickshaw price in india is more popular

Tuk Tuk Auto

Battery Rickshaw Tuk Tuk Auto Bajaj New Model from Qiangsheng Electric Tricycle Factory

1.High quality tuk tuk auto : All body are robot welded and acceptance standard is AQL1.0

2. Eco friendly tuk tuk auto: pure battery operated without air pollution

3. Cost effective tuk tuk auto: In high petrol cost countries, electricity power is much cheaper.

4.Easy to charge for tuk tuk auto: residential electricity is available for charger. There’s no need to go to the petrol station.



For the product guarantee,due to the international business area limited, we can give our customers the following accessories for free for their importing of tuk tuk auto.

1. 5% of the screw accessory and the plastic accessory.
2. 2% of the motor ,Controller ,master line.
(Note: the hopper, tires, rear axle and the shed covering are not included.)

Our Service

1. Market and Technical support email within 24 hours
2. Customized configurations below are available
A:motor B:controller C:battery
D:charger E:tricycle wheel size F: leaf spring G:logo
3. 6 months warranty for brand motor and controller.
4. We have excellent after-sale services & spare parts supply. We will give you a CD to show you how to assemble electric tricycle. If any unclear, you can also contact us. And free 5% easily damaged parts.

If you are interested in any of the e rickshaw ,please contact me .

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